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Despite our small size, we are always willing to help with any problem big or small. We have access to the largest wholesaler in Canada, allowing us to provide the same quality products as the larger chains, but with the type of customer-focused service that people would expect from an independent business.



We are here to fulfill all your drug needs, whether it be your regular refills, an ointment, cream or liquid that we need to compound from scratch, or a special order item that we need to procure from one of our vendors. We have access to the largest wholesaler in Canada and can fulfill most orders within 24 hours. We carry a full complement of regularly used medications and can fill most orders for you while you wait.



High blood pressure is one of the most prevalent medical conditions in North America. As such, we offer a free to use stationary blood pressure monitor which is available to be used at your convenience. If you would prefer, you may also have your pressure checked by the pharmacist. To some, these readings may not always be a clear indication, but not to fear, the pharmacist can go over the readings with you and counsel you on the best course of action if the need arises. 


We have been happy to provide free flu shots to the public for the past several years. We make the process simple by taking appointments as well as serving on-demand requests. All you need to do is present your health card & fill out a quick consent form to receive the shot.  

We also offer a selection of other vaccinations that can be performed in-store, such as shingles (Shingrix), pneumonia (Prevnar13), hepatitis A & B (Havrix, Twinrix, Engerix-B), and HPV (Gardasil) just to name a few. Do you have questions about the safety and efficacy of a vaccine? Well have no fear! Because at Reddendale Pharmacy, our caring and knowledgeable pharmacists are fully willing to discuss any concerns you may have with the vaccine being administered.



Our pharmacy has access to the largest wholesaler in Canada. This means we are able to order in nearly anything you need, and in most cases only require 24 hours to have the requested item in the store. 


At Reddendale Pharmacy, supplies for those with diabetes are readily available. We carry a variety of insulin needles, testing strips, lancets and glucose meters. All meters are free of charge with the purchase of a box of compatible strips. We also provide on site testing of OneTouch meters to ensure they are providing accurate readings.


Have you just returned home from a hospital visit? Do you have difficulty getting out of the house or moving about? We offer an in-home medication review service where you can meet with the pharmacist in the comfort of your home. While also available at the pharmacy, this service allows you to go through all of your current medications with a trained pharmacist. This will allow us to update your medication profile, check for interactions on supplements or over-the-counter medications we may not have been aware of, discontinue medications you no longer need or suggest easier methods to remain compliant with what the Dr. has prescribed.

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